Is Your Business Overdue for an IT Audit?

As companies dedicate more money and time to keeping up with the evolving world of technology, significant savings opportunities are overlooked every day. One of the best ways to ensure your technology infrastructure is solid – and that you’re getting the most value from your investments – is with an IT audit.


An IT audit is the evaluation of an organization’s technology systems, management, and operations to assess their effectiveness and determine where improvements can be made. There are five main categories of IT audits, which include:

  • Systems and Applications: Check that all systems and applications are secure, reliable, valid, timely, and efficient on all levels of activity.
  • Information Processing Facilities: Verify that IT processes are working correctly, whether they’re in normal or disruptive conditions.
  • Systems Development: Make sure systems under development are created in compliance with the company’s standards.
  • Management of IT and Enterprise Architecture: Determine whether IT management is structured and processed as efficiently as possible.
  • Telecommunications: Examine telecom servers and networks to uncover outdated technology and inefficiencies. Here’s where JEBL Solutions can help.


Most companies simply don’t have time to comb through their data, telephone, and internet invoices to check whether they’re overspending. Savings opportunities in the form of billing errors, hidden fees, and unused services are often overlooked and add up to wasted money that you could be investing in other ways.

JEBL Solutions can help your business overcome these challenges with a zero-risk telecom audit. We help you regain control of your technology costs with a streamlined, non-intrusive audit of your current telecom systems – including your MRCs, third-party billing, usage charges, and unused features – so you can focus on saving money and staying competitive in the current technology landscape.

Here’s how a telecom audit with JEBL Solutions can benefit your business:

  • We perform a comprehensive inventory of your current technology to identify areas where you’re overspending on outdated solutions or paying for telecom services you don’t use.
  • We review all of your invoices to uncover and resolve any billing discrepancies, such as duplicate charges and hidden fees, that lead to long-term savings moving forward.
  • We negotiate contracts with carriers on your behalf, freeing up your staff to focus on other important technology matters.
  • We present you with better pricing and service alternatives so you can upgrade to newer technology while decreasing the number of vendors and invoices you handle each month.
  • By repurposing your savings, you can improve your customer experience by implementing new technology solutions, refreshing and upgrading key equipment, increasing your bandwidth, and more.


JEBL Solutions has saved our clients millions of dollars through our audits and ongoing IT support, helping businesses like yours stay competitive with expert guidance to better understand their telecom expenses and potential savings. Connect with JEBL Solutions today to discover how our zero-risk telecom audit can help your company get the most value from your technology.

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